<<How to add External Player, Go to Amazon Store it has it right in store, home screen, use search top left side, type in VLC player to find it, download and install it, go to Web Streaming TV app Settings And Add External Player, after that go to Player selection and Add VLC to Movies, Series, Catchup, you are now all set to play any movie ... Read More »

18th Aug 2021
AT&T Internet customers

If you have AT&T for Internet Service and have problems with our service, AT&T has introduced new setting in there modem that is causing problems sometimes with our app, if yo have problems then this is the fix How do I turn AT&T Internet Security on or off? Go to Smart Home Manager. Choose Settings, then App ... Read More »

17th Aug 2021
How to Install the App


To install the app on Fire Sticks, Android Boxes, Nvidia Shields, Apple Products, Android Phones

Use our Setup website.


For Android phones here is the link for the app

17th Aug 2021
End of PayPal as payment option starting September 1st

We got informed that PayPal is raising prices for Merchant transactions for all their customers and instead of us raising our prices we have managed to secure new merchant with Chase Bank and keep our cost the same Starting September 1st we no longer will offer PayPal to our customers to pay the invoice, we always had 2 options  to pay ... Read More »

17th Aug 2021