Starting January 1st of 2022, we no longer will accept new customers, no referrals any more of any kind, thank you for your understanding.

Our Service is locked to One IP Address at the same time on all our customer accounts, so what that means is if you are sharing an account with someone else your service will not work, the system is not locked to one specific internet provider, it is locked to one Location at the same time.

Information for new customers

When paying for a invoice the zip code needs to be the same as what is on the credit card otherwise the transaction will be declined.

As we have a lot of new customers that came as referrals by our current customer and this might be all new to you,
we wanted to post how to find information on your account on our website, the account you have once logged in
will have information about your web streaming tv login info and you can find that under subscription details, 
any announcement we post will be on the main screen under recent news, any email we send you will be
where it says Hello and your name, if you click on that you will find email history, sometimes emails get lost
because of spam filters and we have that in place so you don't miss anything, the final part is when you get the
invoice, all invoices are posted 7 days before you expire, all invoices are taken out automatically day before you expire
if for any reason the payment is to fail you will need to login and pay the invoice manually, if for any reason you do not
want that option you can place a support ticket in your account and just ask to take that option off,
all invoices on your credit card will list Web Hosting in case you don't recognize the charges.


<<How to add External Player,
Go to Amazon Store it has it right in store, home screen,
use search top left side, type in VLC player to find it, download and install it,
go to Web Streaming TV app Settings And Add External Player,
after that go to Player selection and Add VLC to Movies, Series,
Catchup, you are now all set to play any movie or series on the  app>

AT&T Internet customers

If you have AT&T for Internet Service and have problems with our service, AT&T has introduced new setting in there modem that is causing problems sometimes with our app, if yo have problems then this is the fix

How do I turn AT&T Internet Security on or off?


  1. Go to Smart Home Manager.
  2. Choose Settings, then App Preferences.
  3. Turn AT&T Internet Security ON or OFF.

Not sure if Internet Security is turned on? If it is, you‘ll see You’re Online & Secure when you sign in to Smart Home Manager.

This is direct from AT&T website

How to Install the App

To install the app on Fire Sticks, Android Boxes, Nvidia Shields, Apple Products, Android Phones

Use our Setup website.

For Android phones here is the link for the app

Monday, November 15, 2021

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