As of yesterday June 21st the company that made Filelinked app has stopped working and we do not know if or when they would be back 
up and runing, to install our app you can just skip the Filelinked step and instead of placing the Filelinked url you place our own link under browser in Downloader app.

22nd Jun 2021
AT&T Internet customers

If you have AT&T for Internet Service and have problems with our service, AT&T has introduced new setting in there modem that is causing problems sometimes with our app, if yo have problems then this is the fix How do I turn AT&T Internet Security on or off? Go to Smart Home Manager. Choose Settings, then App ... Read More »

18th Jun 2021
Home of Web Streaming TV Business Hours 9AM-6PM Central Time

    For limited time we will offer new subscriptions only to friends and familyIf you have a Family member or a friend that would like to get service,they need to register on the website here and place a ticketand let us know who referred them, first and last name and emailwould help locate current customer to make the process faster. We will ... Read More »

15th Apr 2021
How to Install the App


To install the app on Fire Sticks, Android Boxes, Nvidia Shields, Apple Products, Android Phones

Use our Setup website.

For Android phones here is the link for the app

19th Mar 2021